"BAN 1080" Vinyl Decals ~ from $10


I've just made this new design for spreading the word about the disgusting 1080 poison and the need to STOP IT and embracing the idea of COMPASSIONATE CONSERVATION.......if you haven't heard that term before, google it.... it makes complete sense and gives all creatures equal worth in perfectly functioning ecosystems.

Hunting4Art vinyl decals are not like everyday stickers... there's no background colour, just the vinyl picture and wording is what you'll get (any background colours showing on this website are purely to show a contrast of colour)...perfect for vehicles/windows/etc. We use only the best, long life ( 7yr+!!) exterior vinyl for our decals, so you can be sure they will last!

SMALL ~ 300 x 130 mm ~ $10

LARGE ~ 575 x 245 mm ~ $30

Available in a range of colours, please choose your selected size/colour combination from the drop down menu below.

**** ARTWORK IS COPYRIGHT ~ SUMMER WEIR, HUNTING4ART © **** Not to be reproduced, copied or used without permission.

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